About me

2.1.2015 1I’m Lily Putt, a lego lady that lives in Hebden Bridge. In my daily blog you can see some of the things I get up to as I go about my bricky business.

I like travelling, clothes, real ale and geting into mischief, so I hope you enjoy seeing what I get up to. X


I’m Clare, and I decided this year to do a daily blog, one piliberty_belle_sydneycture a day, using Lily. All pictures are based on things that have happened, or places I’ve been, over the course of my day. Thankyou for visiting.

If  you want to keep up with Lily and I just give us a ‘Follow’. 🙂


As well as various nurses, the dentist, Batman and the Village People, and host of human friends, over the course of the first year Lily was joined by a few lego friends. As I am now moving into year 2 you may see them again.


On 23rd August 2016 Lily set off on adventures of her own, and her role in blog was taken over by Iris.


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