19th to 31st December 2016



December 18th I stopped being able to upload images. Having a catch up now. Here are the rest of my daily pictures for December.

december-19-12-2016 december-20-12-2016 december-21-12-2016 december-22-12-2016 december-23-12-2016 december-24-12-2016 december-25-12-2016 december-26-12-2016 december-27-12-2016 december-28-12-2016 december-29-12-2016 december-30-12-2016 december-31-12-2016


I’m still here!

I’ve had a problem with the size of the pictures meaning I have run out of space. I am still taking daily pictures and will upload from the 19th December, and then as usual as soon as I can.

17th December 2016


As school has now closed for the holidays Kate, Clare and I are taking the things we had donated to the Valley Crew reverse advent calendar to the Food Bank in Todmorden. Thankyou to everyone who donated, you did us proud, and the Food Bank were really chuffed with it when we dropped it off.