31st May 2016

May 31.5.2016

In the audience for Derren Brown’s show, ‘Miracle’ in Leeds this evening. It was a secret night out for Joe, but Clare is just a bit excited too. The clock on the stage is at 7.26pm, and it’s nearly show time. 🙂


30th May 2016

May 30.5.2016

Drew’s student walk today, and while Clare didn’t go (I was trying to whip her into shape with her essay, not massively successfully unfortunately!) we did go down to meet them afterwards. New discovery is definitely salty plums, a snack brought by one of the Chinese students. Yummy.

29th May 2016

May 29.5.2016

Repairs continue at the Hebden Bridge Picture House (the best cinema in the world!) so we are all using the disabled entrance while the foyer is beautified.

On our way in to see Son of Saul, which was really good if you fancy giving the time to a thought-provoking film about Auschwitz. Horrific in some ways, but a film with dignity and compassion. Definitely a film that will stay with you.

May 26th 2016

May 26.5.2016

Next month is the vote about whether we want to stay in Europe or not. Talking to people a common thread amongst those who are against seems to be they are voting that way because Cameron says they shouldn’t! That’s not a great way to decide, but I’m hoping people will try to inform themselves properly and make the right decision.

25th May 2016

May 25.5.2016

Don’t panic! Just selecting my towel for ‘Towel Day‘ to carry in honour of Douglas Adams. These are a bit big though, wonder if it counts if it’s a flannel? That would be a super-sized bath towel to me. 🙂