31st December 2015

December 31.12.2015

Happy New Year one and all. I wish you well for the coming year, and hope it’s a good one (and slightly less dramatic than the last few days have been round here!)

Out for the night at the Old Gate pub, which despite flood damage has managed to open for tonight to see in the new year. Celebrations all round as the town gradually starts to get back on it’s feet.


29th December 2015

December 29.12.2015.JPG

Got the train to Halifax this morning to get supplies. Clare wasn’t the only one heading that direction with a big rucsack!

Hoping it won’t be long till we can start spending money here in Hebden Bridge, and get the local businesses up and running again. Power will hopefully be back on everywhere soon, and cleaning and drying out continues in earnest.

28th December 2015


Been at school today helping out and doing what we can, and since we got back I’ve been keeping up with what’s happening with the support group for the local area.

Still lots to do feeding people, cleaning up and helping in other ways. Here’s a good place to start for those close enough to the local area to offer practical help, or able to donate items or to the fund.

27th December 2015

December 27.12.2015

We finally made it back into Hebden Bridge this afternoon, and this is the pub I was in with Joe and Clare just before Christmas. One of many homes and businesses destroyed in the flooding following the rain on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

The clean up begins in earnest, and the community pulls together to help each other salvage what can be recovered, and start to rebuild the lives of all those effected. It’s devastating to see all the damage, but tomorrow we go back to trying to help in whatever way we can.

If you’re able to please donate here to help those in need of support now.


26th December 2015

December 26.12.2015

Overnight there was torrential rain, and it’s still going. Trying to drive to Morecambe, we were going through flooded roads, past burst riverbanks, stranded sheep, and flooded homes and businesses. We couldn’t have got back into Hebden Bridge even if we wanted to, all roads in were flooded.

You can argue it’s a natural disaster, that it’s global warning, it’s a freak occurrence, but whatever you think you can’t ignore the fact the government have seriously failed the people they are supposed to represent as they ignore the advice flood risk warnings and continue to encourage farming practises that add to the problems.