31st August 2015

August 31.8.2015

Blackberries starting to ripen, not long now until blackberry and apple pie time. Yum. 🙂


30th August 2015

August 30.8.2015

Bank Holiday, and town’s heaving. I’m hiding in the corner!

29th August 2015

August 29.8.2015

As you’ll know if you follow my blog, I LOVE board games, and I went to Meepfest today. I think I’ve died and gone to board game heaven. I’ve never seen so many games on one table, or so many people playing together. I really hope they run it again as I want to come back and try out some different ones. Best one today was Mag-Blast, (3rd edition) where you have to zap alien spacecrafts (complete with creating your own sound effects!)